The course “Master the Art of Facilitation: Breathe Life Into Your Remote and In-Person Meetings” will be held on April 15 and 16 2024 in Nice*.

This 2-day course will give you all the tips of the trade to help you master the art of facilitation and breathe life into your meetings!
It features the latest in collaboration tools as well as strategies for maximizing collective intelligence at both in-person and remote meetings.

Active Talent has designed a practical course (70% role play) to enable you to familiarize yourself with these new technologies. Boring meetings will soon be a thing of the past!

In a participatory format, you will learn how to:

Identify the different types of meetings and their main objectives
Select a meeting format and facilitation method in line with your objectives
Plan your meeting around a range of collaboration tools and participatory methods
Master the art of facilitation
Manage different personality types
Convert decisions into short-term and long-term action

Detailed programme and practical information on request:

Course fee: 645,00€ HT excluding tax (+VAT 20%) per person for the 2 days.
Minimum 3 participants.
Contact us!

The last time we ran this course, participants gave it top marks in their evaluations, 5/5 !

A few comments: “Patricia has a real teaching style, which has enabled me to discover new tools adapted to my professional environment”.

Participants are given a one-to-one briefing by telephone or email to prepare for the course and a review one month after completion, with the option of a weekly email over a five-weeks period to ensure boost their chances of retaining what they have learned (the “5/5”).

Available as a classroom-based course (in Nice or Sophia Antipolis) delivered in accordance with current health restrictions, or through distance learning.