The course From Management to Leadership will run the 15th and 16th March 2021 in Nice. A 2-day leadership and teambuilding course.
The course aims are:

  • To get a grounding in the basics of management
  • To gain the leadership skills that suit your personality
  • To gain the skills to bring out the team’s potential
  • To improve interpersonal and communication skills
  • To work on forward-planning to lead the team

On the course we will hear from an experienced leader who will give practical insight, offering the opportunity for a frank discussion. He will tackle different topics with very tangible examples: managing a team, how to position yourself in relation to your own line management, motivating staff, managing and preventing conflict etc. Many role plays based on real-life case studies will be offered with constructive and people-focussed debriefing. This course will be held in Nice. Customised course.

Fees: €595.00 excluding tax (+20% VAT) for the 2 days (price per person). minimum of 3 participants.

Last session was rated 4,6/5. The detailed programme and practical information are available on request. Contact us!