On 30 January 2024, spend one day learning how to use the Mind Mapping tool and increase your effectiveness at work.

3 course aims:

  • Learn manual mapping
  • Choose and produce effective and relevant mind maps
  • Discover Mind Mapping softwares to produce mind maps on your computer

This course is an opportunity to experiment with a powerful tool that is useful in different areas of business: project management, planning meetings, creativity, public speaking, note-taking etc. You will be able to produce your own mind maps and make use of the tool day to day. Effectiveness guaranteed!
A personalized preparation is done before the training.
Various expériments (70% of the training) are included with constructive debriefings.

– 🖥 This training is available in distance learning format

Detailed programme and practical arrangements on request: contact@active-talents.com

Course fees: €395.00 excluding tax (20%) €474,00TTC per person for 1 day (7 hours including breaks) Lunch is included.

The last Mind Mapping course was rated 4.7/5

The last Mind Mapping course pas rated 5/5

Comments following the last 2 sessions; “Thank you Patricia, I knew nothing about Mind Mapping, I’ll use it for both professional and personal use, I’m sure I’ll gain in precision, efficiency and speed in many projects and realizations” “Very pleasant and friendly presentation” “The speaker animated in a very playful way which allowed me to fully understand the Mind Mapping protocol” “Lots of practice! very good”.

Minimum of 4 participants.

This training is also available within your Company.