Organisational skills and managing priorities The open course ‘Organisational skills and managing priorities’ will be held in NICE on 13 April 2021. A day of practical training to take a step back, think about getting organised and learning how to get into the habit of managing your priorities more effectively. The course is a way of validating your main goals, thinking about your added value, finding out about practical tools for managing priorities and getting organised. It is also an opportunity to keep an eye on how you communicate and to stop using expressions such as ‘I’m snowed under’ and ‘I’m drowning’ which are often offputting to our clients, partners and colleagues. Finally, it is about thinking about work-life balance. Course aims:
1. Producing a practical assessment of how organised you are in relation to your role/job
2. Learning the methods and 8 tools to manage your priorities more effectively 3. Managing your personal potential and communication in order to be effective
At the end of the course, participants will be able to: – Produce an assessment of how they manage their time based on their priorities – Produce a matrix of their priorities – Identify the things that steal their time and draw up a strategy to tackle them – Choose the right tools to help them get more organised day to day – Plan steps to optimise their performance at work Length: 7 hours, i.e. 1 day
Location: Nice centre So, if you want to take a step back and get your priorities back in perspective, stop hesitating and finally set a day aside for it!
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€395.00 excluding tax per person (+VAT 20%)
4 participants minimum
Last session was rated 4,8/5