The training for trainers course will be held in Nice on 10 and 11 February 2022.

Find out how to design appropriate courses, work on your training methods and help your participants to learn. This practical course will enable you to work in situ on a selected theme that is relevant to your company.

Course aims:

1. Training courses: how to incorporate the basics
2. Preparing training materials for the different stages of the course
3. Delivering content and checking it has been understood.
4. Managing difficult situations during training.
5. Evaluating the course with the input of participants

Over these two days you will work on both established and new training materials and methods to ensure your courses have an impact and are unforgettable, reflecting your personality.

Personalised preparation is carried out in advance of the training by telephone or email. Various role plays are offered with constructive, considerate debriefing.
A personalized follow-up is carried out one month after the training, (possibility of a follow-up 5/5).

– 😷 The course takes place in person (in Nice or Sophia Antipolis) in compliance with the health regulations in force
– 🖥 This training is available in distance learning format

Detailed programme and practical arrangements on request:

Course fees: €595.00 (+VAT 20%) per person for 2 days. Lunch is included.
Minimum 3 participants

This training takes place in Nice (possibility Sophia Antipolis) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (14 hours, including breaks).

Last session rated 5/5
Comments: “Thank you, very good trainer and very pragmatic. Now it’s up to me!”

This training is also available within your Company.