The “Stress management” course will be held in Nice on 28 May 2020

Managing day-to-day stress to achieve life balance is currently a hot topic.
With many demands on us as well as a need for quality, we can sometimes allow ourselves to be engulfed by stress.

The “Stress management” course will help you to better understand the mechanics of stress and to identify your stress triggers but will also offer you practical tools to regain control. During this one-day course, you will learn about methods, techniques and practical tools to help you to manage personal stress.
It will also address how to adapt and “safeguard” against your stress triggers in the workplace.

The course aims are:
– To understand the origins and mechanisms of stress in order to channel it
– To identify your own stress factors and identify personalised solutions
– To adopt a method and tools for managing your personal stress
– To build your self-confidence in order to gain control

Practical exercises are offered as well as a session of DO IN (self-massage at the workstation)

Personalised preparation is carried out in advance of the training by telephone or email.

Various role plays are offered with constructive, considerate debriefing.

There is a personalised review one month after the course.

The detailed programme and practical information are available on request. 
Contact us!

Course fees: €395.00 excluding tax (+VAT 20%) per person for 7 hours (1 day)
Minimum 3 participants. 

Last session rated 5/5

This course will be held in Nice (option for Sophia Antipolis) from 9 am to 5 pm. A customised course will be available.